Research & Projects

Research/Funded Projects

Mobile Application Testing Lab - ICT Innovation Fund 2015

The team members of this innovation fund project are Dr. Kazi Sakib, Md. Rayhanur Rahman and me, Amit Seal Ami. The target was to help make mobile application testing easier for both beginner and expert level mobile app developers. We targeted primarily Android app developers and created MobiCoMonkey, previously known as MobileMonkey. The project concluded satisfactorily in 2017.

ICT Fellowship 2013 - Providing Rationel of Method Change for Object Oriented Programming

During M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering, I received fellowship from ICT division, Bangladesh for my work supervised by Dr. Md. Shariful Islam. We focused on providing rationale of method change for object oriented programming to developer for codes stored in distributed version control system. This was successfully accepted in 2014.

Academia/Industry Projects

Sub Project Manager Team Member - E-Presence

It is a World Bank Funded sub project of University of Dhaka, under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project of University Grants Commission. Designing and implementing the campus security is the aim of this sub project. The other members are Professor Dr. Kazi Muheymin-Us-Sakib, Professor Dr. Md. Shariful Islam, Lecturer Raynanur Rahman and Lecturer Asif Imran.

Student Projects

IISEM - Internet Information Services Express server Manager

IIS Express Manager is a project which’s primary goal is to provide a front-end to the existing functionality of IIS Express server. It has been covered by Microsoft MVP, disussed in Microsoft Community Blogs and referenced at various other websites.

Brightness Controller

Brightness Controller allows you to control Brightness of your Primary, Secondary and more Displays in Linux. It is a software based dimmer. Due to its lightweight nature and usefulness, it has been featured in OMG! Ubuntu! and many other linux related websites.